Sunday, 9 February 2014

Mukul Sinha puts dangerous lies in Modi's mouth, says calling Godhra a 'planned act of terrorism' caused riots!

"In the opinion of a senior lawyer and human rights activist Mukul Sinha: “Seven years ago, if Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and his police had not instigated the ordinary people of Gujarat by describing the Godhra incident as a pre-planned terrorist attack of one community against the other, the genocide that followed from February 28, 2002 would have never happened.” 
 What an outrageous lie! It doesn’t need any statement from a CM to know what happened in Godhra. Modi did not describe it as a ‘pre-meditated attack “of one community against another”’ but simply as a ‘pre-meditated act terrorist attack’ which it was only in partial. Pre-meditated it was, but it wasn’t really an act of terrorism- but an act of barbarism. Terrorism is generally momentary, one bullet hits and a person dies, but here the 59 karsewaks were not shot to death. They were roasted to death, roasted to coal by a mob of fanatics. 

From the report of The Hindu the next day, it seems Modi only hinted at the possibility of the attack being a ``planned'' one, pointing out that the train was ``attacked'' at the Godhra railway platform, where it halts for only about three minutes.
In any case, no description from the CM had any issue. Mukul Sinha hides the following facts.
1-      Narendra Modi talked to TV channels in Godhra on 27 Feb evening and urged people to maintain peace and not retaliate. NARENDRA MODI HIMSELF MADE ANOTHER (2nd) APPEAL TO THE PEOPLE TO MAINTAIN PEACE IN AN APPEAL BROADCAST ON NATIONAL TV (DOORDARSHAN) ON 28 FEBRUARY AFTERNOON.

12-      The state government appealed to the people to maintain peace and not retaliate as reported by The Hindu the next day.

23-     The then Prime Minister also urged Hindus not to retaliate,2011702
14-      RSS  and VHP also appealed to Hindus to not retaliate.
This was the statement given by RSS on 27 Feb- carried in weekly Organiser dated 10 March 2002 in full (Organiser dated 10 March 2002 covered events till 27 Feb in full). A large part of it was reported by The Telegraph of 28 Feb while The Hindu reported just one line on 28 Feb.