Sunday, 9 February 2014

TruthofGujarat dangerously twists Modi's statement on the violence of 28 Feb-'like a mass agaitation'

TruthofGujarat continues to desperately find faults with everything that Modi does- instead of understanding the real meaning. (Maybe Mukul Sinha and TruthofGujarat also understand, but desperately twists to malign Modi somehow). They quote a part of Modi's interview to India Today dated 18 March 2002 : 

“Q. Why do you think the rioting had such a brutal tinge to it?
A. It wasn’t merely a communal riot but something like a mass agitation."

Narendra Modi: Gujarat Riots was a Mass Agitation 

What an outrageous twisting of facts. Modi was merely pointing out the extent of mass explosion in Ahmedabad on 28 Feb- that the mobs were very very large. He by no means called the riots a ‘mass agitation’. He said the “It wasn’t MERELY A COMMUNAL RIOT (on 28 Feb) but something of an unprecedented, massive scale which overwhelmed the administration at some places, LIKE IT WOULD BE IF THERE WAS A MASS AGITATION”. H e merely said the situation was so serious, that it was far more than any normal communal riot, as difficult to handle as a mass agitation. Dangerous, inflammatory lies out again!

Through these blatantly outrageous lies, Mukul Sinha is doing double damage – defamation of the Gujarat CM and infuriation of a community needlessly.

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