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TruthofGujarat indulges in theatrics and blatant lies on Ehsan Jafri case

Even though the situation was terrible on 28 Feb, the police performed its work extremely efficiently. The police force was woefully insufficient- despite the deployment of the entire police force. India Today (18 March 2002)reported:

“Ahmedabad has a police force of 6,000, including 1,500 armed personnel. In addition, the entire state has just four companies (530 jawans) of the Rapid Action Force (RAF) of which only one company could be spared for Ahmedabad. Considering that the mobs that simultaneously surfaced at nearly half a dozen places numbered from 2,000 to 10,000, the forces proved woefully inadequate. At one point on February 28 there were at least 25,000 people targeting the Muslim localities in Ahmedabad alone.”

  Even in its infamous article misquoting Narendra Modi as having said “Every action has equal and opposite reaction” (Which Narendra Modi never did), The Times of India reported, “The sparse police presence looked like a drop in the ocean of violence.” This despite the deployment of the entire police force. The Hindu also reported the next day that on 28 February “Mob fury reached its crescendo” and “The situation seemed to slip out of hand” and “Police were outnumbered by the rioters“. Same was the report of The Telegraph, The Tribune.

   The Times of India reported on 2nd March 2002 on events on 1st March (Friday)- “Neither the Army nor the shoot-at-sight orders given to Gujarat Police could stop riots on Friday 1st March…” And this was on 1st March 2002 when the violence was much less than 28 Feb (Thursday). If even the Army and shoot-at-sight orders couldn’t stop the violence when it was much less, then what must have been the situation on 28 Feb when the Army was not present in the day and the violence was much more?

 Despite this, the police fired more than 1000 rounds (exact official number given now is 1496) and burst 4297 tear gas shells on 28 Feb. More than 180 people were saved at Ehsan Jafri’s place and more than 900 out of the 1,000 in Naroda Patiya were saved. The police fired more than 3,900 rounds in the first three days alone and fired 6500 rounds of tear gas shells. (Despite the presence of the Army for 2 out of 3 days ). As many as 98 people were shot dead by the police in the first three days, majority of whom are Hindus. For the complete period of rioting, despite the presence of the Army for 73 out of 74 days, the police fired as many 15,000 tear gas shells- the exact number is 15,369 and a total of 10,500 rounds- exact number 10,559. Out of the total people killed in the riots, about 20 % have been shot dead by the police. According to official records, 199 people were killed in police firing of whom 101 were killed in the first week.

Some anti-BJP fanatics, namely Mukul Sinha and Pratik Sinha who have lied through the skin of their teeth on the issue of the 2002 riots saying that what happened what a ‘one-sided genocide’ suppressing and concealing the Muslim attacks on Hindus and killings of hundreds of Hindus even after Godhra, and most importantly defended the barbaric human-demons who roasted the 59 innocents in Godhra by claiming that what happened in Godhra was an accident, and not done by Muslims, claimed some more things. They said:

“A example of one such distortion is an attempt by the GujaratRiots site to justify the complete inaction of Gujarat Police on 28th February 2002 when the mobs went on rampage in the area of Naroda and Gulbarg Society. The site states that as on the second day of the riots, i.e. March 1st 2002, when even the army could not control the situation in Ahmedabad, how could the police control it on 28th Feb.
How fallacious this argument is can be seen from the fact that both Naroda Patiya and Gulbarg Society are within a radius of 2 kms and come under a single police zone number 4 headed by DCP Gondia IPS. The said zone also comes under the Sector 2 of Ahmedabad police led by then Additional Commissioner of Police – Shri MK Tandon. Both these IPS officers Gondia and MK Tandon were accompanied by large contingents of Armed Policemen along with Special Task Force with modern weaponry. Besides them, those areas are also covered by the local police led by the respective police inspectors of each area namely Naroda and Gulbarg (KG Erda).
From the deposition of KG Erda in Nanavati Commission, the police inspector of the Gulbarg area it is clearly seen that since 12:00 noon on 28th February, the crowd had swelled from 10,000 to 20,000 around 2:45 p.m and had surrounded the Gulberg society.
Quoting from KG Erda’s deposition in Nanavati Commission:
(On 28.02.2002) Till 12.15 pm a mob of around ten thousand people had already collected….When I again reached Gulbarg society at 2 pm there were twenty thousand people and at that time there were a total of sixteen police men…it is true that at 2.45 pm I had sent a message to the control room that a mob of ten thousand people had set fire in the area of Gulbarg society and surrounded it and that police has also been surrounded and requested for the SRP force to be sent.
At that time me and other six constables had got encircled by the mob and smoke was coming out from the houses in Gulbarg society…
During this period Erda had desparately sought for police reinforcement to disperse the mob and had made several phone calls to the Police Control room as well as Mr Gondia and Mr Tandon. The phone calls shown in the images below were obtained from the phone call data submitted in Nanavati Commission. The first image shows the desperate phone calls of KG Erda to the Police Control Room asking for police  reinforcement. The second image are the phone calls between Erda and DCP Gondia/Joint Commissioner Tandon.

KG Erda's calls to Police Control Room

 KG Erda’s calls to Police Control Room

KG Erda's calls to Gondia and MK Tandon

KG Erda’s calls to Gondia and MK Tandon

 While on one hand a massive crowd was surrounding the Gulberg Society making Erda desperately ask for police reinforcements, on the other the hand the analysis of the locations of Joint Commissioner Tandon establish that he along with his task force had come to the Naroda/Gulbarg area around 12 noon and had hurriedly gone away with his task force to a distant area called Revdi Bazar and hung around there  till 4 p.m. despite there being no major rioting in those areas.  By the time MK Tandon went back to Gulbarg Society at 4 p.m, the mob had already burnt down the entire society along with 64 men, women and children including Ehsan Jaffrey with only Erda and his few policemen being silent spectators to the whole massacre. Similarly DCP Gondia reaches Gulbarg only at 4 p.m. when the society had been already burnt down. This clearly shows how Police along with their task force moved away from areas of rioting.

MK Tandon's Location Graph

MK Tandon’s Location Graph
Gondia's Location Graph

Gondia’s Location Graph” 

   These liars completely hid the fact that reinforcements did arrive at Jafri’s place. India Today weekly dated 18 March 2002 said as we have seen said “Reinforcements did arrive but by that time the mob had swelled to 10,000″. How could reinforcements have arrived without receiving calls? The calls were heeded to, and the police saved close to 200 people in the complex despite being overwhelmingly outnumbered. The police also shot dead 5 Hindus outside Jafri’s house. The reports of The Times of India online dated 28 Feb 2002 as we have seen, both say that the Police and the Fire Brigade did their best, and the furious mob tried to obstruct them. Nowhere did The Times of India allege any lapse on part of Police or Fire Brigade. We also say how the reports of The Hindu, The Tribune and The Times of India said that the rampaging mobs made road blockades out of discarded tyres, trees, boulders, rocks and other things hindering the movement of the police on 28 Feb. The Times of India reported on 28 Feb 2002 online in a report posted at 9:41 pm: “Fire tenders which rushed to the spot were turned back by the irate mob which disallowed the Ahmedabad Fire Brigade (AFB) personnel and the district police from rushing to rescue.” When the Fire Brigade and Police personnel were restricted from rushing to the venue to rescue the people, as per The Times of India, then would it have been so easy for 2 police officers to reach Chamanpura, with massive mobs and road blockades?Even the SIT appointed by the Supreme Court said that ‘All efforts were made to save Ehsan Jafri’. It is common sense that if even the Army and the shoot-at-sight orders given to the Gujarat police could not control the violence on 1 March, Friday, when it was much less, the situation on 28 February, Thursday, must have been far worse when the violence was much more and the Army was not present in the day. Since this argument could not be refuted, the liars resorted to tricks and theatrics showing two police officers unable to reach Chamanpura from Revdi Bazaar, hiding completely the fact that reinforcements arrived, district police personnel rushed to the spot, and the Fire Brigade too.
These liars also hide the fact that the police killed 5 Hindus outside his house, saved 180+ people out of 250 in Jafri’s housing complex, saved 900 out of 1,000 in Naroda Patiya. This Times of India report POSTED ONLINE at 2:34 PM of 28 February also says that police fired on the crowd injuring 6, who were taken to hospital where 3 were critical at that time, and ultimately 5 died.They also hide the fact that the Police fired 1000+ rounds on 28 Feb, including 600+ in Ahmedabad. 10 Hindus were shot dead and 16 injured on 28 Feb and 2 were killed in police firing in Nadiad and Godhra on 28 Feb. There were 4297 tear gas shells also fired on 28 Feb, and suppressing and concealing all these facts, the liars claim that “Police did total inaction”. If all these facts are not police action, we wonder what can be termed as police action.

Thus the liars did theatrics by showing records and graphs of calls, but hid the fact that the calls were heeded to and reinforcements sent, and all efforts made to save lives. Even the Supreme Court-appointed SIT, (reporting to anti-Modi judges like Aftab Alam and Arijit Pasayat) said that “All possible efforts were made to save Jafri”. Theatrics and lying to delude people are being practised by people who have no answer to the site’s arguments on merit.

A must read article on the role of the Gujarat Government in controlling violence is:

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